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2017 was an interesting one for me. January started off a little rocky for me at the beginning. Then I went bridesmaid dress shopping for a wedding. February I got surprised at work with flowers and other stuff for Valentine's day. April I had a bachelorette party to go to at the beach then the wedding was right around the corner. School ended and summer camp started....very very hectic and long. School started back up again and so did the craziness. Got a surprise for my birthday in September. Boyfriend went away to California for a week that was difficult on me. Cousin Kelli got married in October and I went to boo bash with friends. Maid of honor for best friends wedding in November then thanksgiving right around the corner. Had a blast when josh's mom came in from California. And I finally got my diamond. Christmas eve and Christmas day came fast and left fast. Then just celebrated the new year. I can say the best thing about 2017 was GETTING ENGAGED!!!!!!! I can predict that 2018 is going to be a lot of wedding planning. Goodbye 2017 it's been a good and crazy year and hello 2018 can't wait to see wat u have in store for me. Ucenter Dress discount mermaid siren style wedding wears