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The mistake most people make is to think that the politicians are the most corrupt.

In my opinion, the highest altar of corruption is the civil service....mostly perpetrated by poor fellows representing the authorities that sent them. The endemic corruption in the civil service calls for strong willed open reprisal as what the gentleman here has done.

I was informed by a friend about his attempt to renew his International Passport at the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS). He had read the requirement online and went prepared with stipulated fee of about N18,000.00 (eighteen thousand naira). On getting there, he was told that passport is 26K+.

He asked for the basis and he was told some cock and bull story of how they were going to buy fuel for generator and other office errands and that that was the practice and instruction from Abuja...bla bla bla.

At that point, he obliged to pay on condition that they must give him receipt. It was then "ke efik ayire isin". No receipt for paying such amount? They said their receipt had finished and federal government is yet to send new receipt bundles. After much argument, he suggested he wants to go make the payment online so he can have some form of proof of payment.

He logged on, filled all required info and on making attempt to progress, the web link wasn't working. When he mentioned this to me, I presumed he was technologically challenged and used the most up to date browser from all fronts to progress the online registration and it still didn't work. This is where corruption was embedded.

Out of frustration, the guy went back there to the altar of corruption to pay the money. He didn't get the receipt. But ge did something they were not aware of. He has a video recording of the transaction and wants to press charges. Challenge is: no lawyer he has discussed wants to take ip the case. Those who showed interest gave him a bill beyond his ability to handle. Ucenter Dress pink colored items of the cocktail to wear

I am of the opinion that like minded people can take up this challenge to help fight corruption. If we start exposing them this way, whilst they may not stop it, it will help reduce the cases of level of extortion.