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This has really bothered me. A few weeks ago my sweet Royel was jumped by 3 boys. Why, because he stood up to them earlier when they were bullying him and his friends by riding by on bikes and popping them on the head and neck. Royel told them to stop and swung back. They waited until they caught him alone, one held him down and the other two took turns punching and kicking him. He hid it from me that night but the next morning I noticed a bruise and scratches on his face. He said he fell, which wasn't surprising but something seemed off with him. Later his teacher called to tell me that he too noticed something was off with him. Thankfully though one of Royel's friends came to him and said that Royel had told him he was jumped. My heart dropped and I was immediately angry and hurt that he didn't feel comfortable enough to tell me. He explained that he didn't want me to try and talk to them and make them madder because they were starting a "new gang"! Please! Gang? Not over here they're not! My husband and I went searching for these side!a be thugs. Royel was horrified. No luck the first day. My poor little guy wouldn't even go outside to play and jumped whenever someone knocked on the door. Over the next two days he went from a goofy, happy, outside kid to a sullen withdrawn one who stayed in. Two days was two too many for me. We reported the incident to our management company and they explained to us that we have a zero tolerance on bullying and if we found out who it was they would be promptly charged and evicted. We did find the adult sister of one of the boys who was appalled that her brother was a part of it and explain to us that he did not even live here! She then pulled up the Facebook of the other two boys and I was shocked to see that they were teenagers on the tall and heavy side not little boys like the ones they were bullying and beating on. On the way home on day 3 when we pulled into our building there they were right by our townhouse circling on their bikes, obviously waiting for him since there is nothing else near our place they could be going to. Royel immediately said "don't mom don't". I rolled my window down and asked if they knew I had been looking for them. The biggest idiot responded something like "no and so what". I then explained to them that putting their hands on my child was not a good idea and hit the gas. At that point they were pinned between my car and a fence. I got out and informed them that not only did Royel have a crazy momma who in certain circumstances will fight a kid (mind you two of these were bigger than me), but he also has two brothers and a father who are pissed and crazy as well. I left them with "yall know where I leave, have your mom come through". That day my baby went outside and played with his friends. In the following days he became more and more of himself. I haven't seen those kids around here since! Ucenter Dress vintage inspired wears for maid of honor in tea length

Child commits suicide after bullying incident caught on camera She was a happy girl until everything changed at the end of October when she was involved in a fight after school, her parents said.wtvr.com