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Yesterday was a bit of a milestone for me. 13 years ago I stood in Sheriff F. Dewayne Beggs office and was sworn in as a patrol deputy for the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office. Thus beginning the rollercoaster life as a law enforcement officer. There are calls that still haunt me, I have seen the best and worse in mankind. The only time I ever though of quitting was about a year into it when I was dispatched to an infant chocking. I did CPR on her for 19 minutes waiting on the ambulance to arrive. Fortunately another deputy and supervisor arrived and took over. The 18 month old little girl lived another day and a half before she died. I was ready to quit. I was not sure I did enough. If it had not been for Sgt. Lynn Thomason telling me I did what I could and fleet mechanic Jim Robertson talking with me in the garage I probably would have quit. UcenterDress 2 piece outfits for prom party

13 years later I still love this job. I am working with a very young group of officers who are starting their careers at OCPD at the pistol range the next 2 weeks. I work with the best officers in the world and would never change it for the world. I hope I have another 35-40 years doing this.

One of my best memories was locating a kidnapped little 4 year old girl. The thanks the mother showed in her eyes make it worth it.

I enjoy training the new officers and seeing there drive makes it worth it. We may never know if we changed the world doing this, but I know we do make a difference.

Finally I want to say thanks to my wife Amanda who has been riding this rollercoaster with me. I know she has wanted to kill me on numerous occasions, but she's always there for me. Love you dear.