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"If human life didn't begin until implantation or thereafter, then concern about hormonal contraception would indeed be sidetracking us from real abortions. But the truth is this---the difference between killing a 7-day-old "zygote" and 7-week-old "fetus" is exactly the same as between killing a child 7 days after birth and killing a child 7 weeks after birth. There simply is no difference. Six-day-old children are just as real as six-year-old children, and chemical abortions are just as real as surgical abortions, just as deserving of our concern and action. "Anyone then, who knows the good and does not do it, sins." James 4:17
"Are we consistently pro life or only selectively pro life? Do we oppose later abortions while not really caring about the earliest ones? Is the only difference between us and those we call "Pro-abortion" that they are willing to embrace the killing of bigger and older children while we are willing to embrace the killing of only smaller and younger children? Are we moral relativists and gradualists different only in degree but not in kind with those we call abortionists?" Randy Alcorn. From his book "Does the Pill cause Abortions"

My response to Randy's comment is Ouch and Amen! He certainly didn't mince any words did he? I LOVE Randy Alcorn! He was arrested so many times at abortion clinics during the Rescue Movement days that a Judge awarded Planned Parenthood a several million dollar Judgment against Randy. He was a Pastor of a very large and successful Church at the time but had to give it up and claim bankruptcy. He couldn't have a bank account and had to drive around in loaner cars. He had been feeling the Lord calling him to be an Author but felt bound to his Church. God used this judgement to release him. He went on to Author over 40 popular Christian books. Rather than the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood the money built orphanages and fed the poor, and spread the Gospel. Dont you just LOVE the way our God Rolls? ;-)

Campus Crusade (CRU) has their national conventions across the street from Planned Parenthood at CSU's campus here. The week they are here, on abortion days it is rare (Very rare) that any of the thousands of them driving and walking by ever stop and pray with us or talk to us. The ones that do are usually associated with some kind of "Family Ministry" and are passionately pro life. Sadly, most of them walking by wont acknowledge us or give us the time of day. But you should see them light up when you offer them a free Randy Alcorn book. "Randy Alcorn! He's my favorite! Of course I want a free book by Randy Alcorn!" Ive given away about 1800 of Randy's book "Why Pro Life" on the sidewalk in front of the abortion clinic here. They are only $1 each in bulk. I just ordered 25 copies of his book "Does the Pill Cause Abortions" to get started with my effort to get the message to Churches in this area. If you get 10 or more they are $2.25 each. Free shipping this week. If you would like to help me in this effort you can call Randy's Ministry. EPM Eternal Perspective Ministries at 503-668-5200 If you PM me I will give you my mailing address to have them shipped to. I know it will be a valuable resource, not only because it is so well researched and passionately pro life but will be a good response when evangelicals try to write off this message about abortifacient contraceptives as being a "Catholic" message. I already have a lot of DVDs and CDs and pamphlets on NFP, Contraception, "Theology of the Body" the Pill, IUDs, website resources etc to give away. If you have any ideas on resources to arm me with I would appreciate it. a line mother of the bride dresses

"Inasmuch as you've done it for THE LEASE of these My Brothers, you've done it for ME." Matthew 25. Who are the VERY "Least of these?" Those who are just hours or days from conception. The very most vulnerable are ours and Jesus' tiniest Brothers and Sisters. And the most despised and overlooked.

The next three days are killing days here at Planned Parenthood and as always, I covet your prayers. Thank you!!! Love you guys!!!