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Btw, my personal story on Planned Parenthood and Why I am a fan.

I was with a woman and helped raise her Daughter for nearly 6 years. in that time, our house became a sanctuary for many of her friends, whether they argued with Parents, had other issues, or got kicked out of their house. we became the people that always took people in, fed them, and it didn't matter what time anything happened.

on 2 occasions, I had to take one of the girls there to planned parenthood, I think one time they were given a pregnancy test, and the other just found out more regarding what choices they had if and when something would happen, I want to say that one of them even got a free STD test. not sure on that for 100 percent but I think that is what I heard after the fact.

Here is what I will say, they were a service there that (regardless of my opinion or stance on abortion) allowed these young women a place they could go and feel safe in. many came from broken homes and also were dealing with many issues, I care for people, but even without me judging what people do, they filled a gap that I could not. and if nothing else it was a wakeup call for at least these two young girls during a difficult time in their life.

I also know one woman who had 7 abortions...later in life she met the guy of her dreams and they tried for two years to get pregnant, when they couldn't and he found out about her 7 abortions, he left her...and literally her past came and bit her in the ass...she was an extremely beautiful, Hungarian woman...last I saw her she was drowning her sorrows in a bottle in Old Town Saginaw at around noon...and had well pickled her brain, and either became a great actress or really did not remember me. black colored dress for girl with mermaid style

for those of you wondering, no I did not have kids with her. and No I have never gone through an abortion. I did however have a son when I was 17 and He died of SIDS 12 days later...the woman I had him with was 29...but had she been my age, I think I would have been grateful for a place like planned parenthood...just my two cents.