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I have a different opinion regarding use of sulphur. I think sulphur should be an universal constituent of our prescription plans. Giving sulphur 30 in occasional doses over and above other indicated remedies will be very much helpful in ensuring perfect cure in acute as well as chronic diseases.

'Thiol' functional groups containing sulphur are part of active sites and binding sites of most of the biological molecules such as antibodies, enzymes and receptors. Many drugs substances of animal and vegetable origin also contain suphur 'functional groups'. A wide range of infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses produce diseases by binding to biological molecules using their sulphur moieties. Many of our food articles also contain various molecules having functional groups with sulphur as their eassential parts.

Food articles, infectious agents, environmental pollutants and drug substances having sulphur-containing functional groups may competitively bind to various essential biological molecules in the organism and produce molecular inhibitions. Most of us will have some or other molecular errors in us caused by 'sulphur-containing' functional groups. As such some of the sulphur symptoms will be present in almost all individuals. That means, sulphur is at least partially indicated in majority of human beings. For ensuring a 'total cure', we have to remove the molecular blocks caused by sulphur-containing functional groups by using potentized sulphur, over and above other indicated drugs. casual style items to wear of the wedding

Therefore, I would suggest to use occasional doses of sulphur 30 to all patients along with other indicated drugs, so that a complete, long-lasting 'total cure' can be ensured to our patients.