casual wear for extra sized people of the wedding

Nothing to see here people, just keep talking about who Trump offended and all will be well.

How come you can't see that this is what your elected officials in these communities want???

You don't need the KKK or any other hate group because you allow your politicians to herd you into these communities so you can slaughter each other, and then you let Planned Butcherhood do the rest. The klan just sits back, laughs, and says, see I told you so. Margaret Sanger, the founder of planned butcherhood, also Hilary Clinton's hero and mentor, well her vision and dream for black America is not only being played out in her clinics daily, you beg the government and taxpayers to help with that massacre. casual wear for extra sized people of the wedding

BLM you care NOTHING about black lives. You are just another arm of the klan wanting separation and hate.

If you cared anything about black lives, you would be dealing with this daily massacre in the inner cities.

These numbers are Chicago alone. I don't even have the numbers for the other inner cities.

Good job people, NOT!!! Shake my head.

Breaking: 33 Dead, 143 Wounded. Liberals & The Mainstream Media Is Dead Silent Where The Heck Is The MSM On This?