childrens bridesmaid dresses

Mind millings: Belly laughs and connection with a dear friend of 30+ years led to deeper conversation & honing in on the nuts & bolts of our lives. She is planning her wedding & her future, & I am honored to be a bridesmaid ( my dress is so pretty!). She & I had many teenage adventures, most are super top secret & cannot be shared. ? As the years passed, life happened to both of us. We have both endured, survived, persisted. We have many differences, but the common threads we do share are the love for our children & our enthusiasm for life. We have both grown so much. I will always love & be humbled by our acknowledgment of each other, our pride in the other, & our wanting the best for the other. Thank you for seeing me, love. I surely see you. childrens bridesmaid dresses ❤️