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Episode 6
During the late night i have slept awoken
thinking concerning Miss Grace test, how
difficulty her test and exams would seems
like. Many thoughts filled my brains & my
memories with Grace pass days disturbed
me too.
"by the way why will Grace want to know
my home?", if Grace gets know my place
she might have huge problems with my
i'd mention silently in my heart as i rolled
on bed pushing the two pillows aside.
Grace summon for my attentions the next
morning in order to conformed if i would
have chances and be freed to accompany
her to my apartment. My brain was sharply
calculating & I started wondering why she
disparately wanted knowing my place. I
decided interrogating her to comprehend
the main reasons why she disparately
require informations about where i lived.
"can you tell me what would be your main
missions there?" I had questioned Grace
"nothing much. I just wanted knowing
where you lived and maybe i can come
visiting someday." she said.
Grace also informed me concerning how
she feels whenever she stays alone in the
school compound, discussing to nobody
except with the gate man. That she would
disparately like visiting my place and sit
there to chat with my mother and me.
Grace further inform me explainin why she
was scared of staying in school compound.
Grace says it's becaus some bad gang guys
do invade into the school premises late
night to smoke weed, while other people
come around evening to play football in
the large field, & so she would'nt stay
outside and allowed any guy sight her or
let them found out her room door.
"huh.. Okay, What if they found that you
stays in hostel room, what will they do wit
you?" i'd questioned.
"eh.. Gafar without being informed you
wouldn't know what they can do?.. Okay,
pls reason this issues with me, what if they
finally knows and invade into my room
with guns, or they badly molest me." she
mentioned with all intelligent about the
"yah, you are damn right about that 0oo.
You think too far tho, i never thought
about those factors." i said.
"Pls will you take me to your place" She'd
mentioned and my face frowned. Grace
pleaded passionately while she place hand
caressing the back of my neck and ears.
" i've just got to think it for a moment 0o."
i announced.
After concluding the final thought i waited
for sometimes before i nodding my head
and Grace became happy. In the evening i
visited Grace in her hostel to briefly relax, i consignment wears for formal party
greeted her and she was glad to welcome
my presents. Grace hurriedly prepared a
delicious food for me to eat till
She even pleaded me to spend my night
with her but i said no .We discussed about
many things like; sex, politices, lifestyles,
modern fashions etc, But the main subject
we descended upon was sex, She didnt
care if i would dislike or appreciate the sex
topic. Well, i did gain enough knowledge
on what she'd impact me concerning the X.
Meanwhile, I wouldnt forcefully blamed her
subject topic or wage abusive utterances
on her, It's just that one subject topics
leads to another. I'd asked Grace
concerning her friends & she informd me
she wasn't in bad company with them
because they do stroll flirting with
different guys and men, while leaving her
to stay behind.
"hops! Dont you go out for flirting with
your boyfriends?" i'd asked
"Gafar am happy you 're here this moment
to stay with me", She mention while wavin
smiles on her reddish lips & cheeks.
"you never answered my previous question
Miss Grace. Pls reply me now." i instructed
"Gafar i dont have any for now. Am still
searching and..Pls lets forget about the boy
friend talks and gist another topic."
Grace calmly mention wringling her body
"I loved the way you smiled, it feels good
and that makes me look on your face twice
each moment.", i had complimented Grace
sarcastically before i bursted into laughter.
Miss Grace laughed & requested for my age,
I told her everything about myself and she
informed me about hers. It was quite fun
staying with Grace, I joked to make her
laughed out loud has she pleaded for more.
Grace was a pretty young lady when she
smiles, she seems like young teenager of
18 years old whenever she laughs. Sooner,
we suddenly muted
Grace couldn't say a word, while me on the
other hand stayed silent too. My heart best
starts ranging faster in the moment when
Grace adjusted towards me, we look each
others and our lips collided &shorten the
secretive words which we hide in our
hearts. Grace wetted lips tasted like that of
bee honey, it was so sweet & i practically
chewed it.