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'The real secret for longevity is diversity and variety in movement practice. Exactly the opposite of what our sports, fitness and disnignt disciplines are promoting. The paradigm shift must start from more focus on being the best at this and that versus the being the best you, with your unique mixture and variety.' - Ido Portal fit and flare wedding dress

We're back at it WEDNESDAY 9 am - doing things differently, looking for options - @Movement Solutions , Fearn Ave.

All levels of experience and ability welcome.

The intention of these sessions is to create a dialog between body and mind. You will learn how to move for healing, flexibility, strength and overall movement efficiency and ease.

The approaches highlighted will provide you with a framework for better posture, optimising your athletic performance, alleviate niggles and restrictions, focusing on building overall flexibility, freedom of motion, balance and strength.

Each session offers you the space and time to train your deep core, and to improve and maintain muscle, joint and connective tissue health.

Anticipate a blend of functional movement, Ido Portal inspired exercises, Animal Flow, fascial yoga, Pilates/Slings myofascial training and fascial fitness, as well as restorative release and relaxation.

For q's & bookings PM/Txt Alexa 0415 504 032