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I want all men to listen to me very carefully.
In this world there are only two types of women. Just two types.
Type 1
These are the women interested in your material net. By this I mean: your looks, money, dress code, house, walking style, eyes, height, complexion, been a bad boy... And the list goes on.
Type 2*
A woman who will love you the way you are. What attracted her to your is an unexplainable connection. These are the women when you are down they lift you up: either in prayers, financially, physically... And the list goes on.

The problem comes where a guy meets a type 2 kind of girl and since most men are addicted to sleeping around you loose her. Another man comes into her life and does the same. Everyone has a breaking point. The type 2 girl now becomes the type 1 girl. Then we ment start complaining calling them all sorts of names. homecoming dresses for tall girls
Just look at the lives of our grandparents, they are did not face what we are facing now. Do you know why? This was very simple. During their time both men and women were taught on the things to do and things not to do. In short there were guidelines showing you the path to follow.
Our generation, shida tupu. Our peers are the ones showing us direction. It's just like two blind people trying to prove that one is more blind than the other.

Men out there respect women. But call a spade a spade not a big spoon.