ice blue colored items to wear for the maid of the bride

Trust is a strong spiritual bond binding friendship, relationship or marriage. If found in/with anyone keep it jealously. For out of it proceed issues of life. Anyone who understand trust knows how important it is to keep it without a fault. When there's trust you're able to share deep things and still be comfortable. And your trust MUST be tested.

Using myself as an example. When I betrayed a friend's trust in 2015, it took nearly 2 years to undo the damages and I suffered a lot. Those around me in Phnom Penh knows what I'm saying here. It affected every aspects of my life.

I have a strong desire to lead people under my own business empires but I lacked d full knowledge of what trust is and how to keep it. Then God decided to test my trust to lead people with money. And I failed! And I'm not shy to admit diz fact okay.

It was after everything I realized I was under a test but then d damage had been done and I thank God for His mercy that granted me a second chance. Believe it or not, whatever demand you're placing in life today, carries specific test{s}. Diz is why you're to be very careful of d kinda things you want or desire of life.

To trade someone's trust for money and let them suffer the pain of human slave trade in Libya is equal to murder in my opinion. Anyone behind such embarrassment and evil done to these innocent youths will NOT go unpunished. The emotional pains, public humiliation, embezzlement of their hard earned money, dreams cut short and lives wasted because not all made it alive. Not to mention family's in debts as a result.

While the senate is moving motion for immediate rescue for the return of the victims, there should be law checking-mating our borders because most of the illegal immigrants are being smuggled through that way.

Parents too should be cautioned. Not every child's destined to make better life abroad. Last time I checked the current list of Nigerian billionaires non of them started from outside the country. The crave to leave the country is worrisome and contrary to what fresh travelers think or made to believed. There are NO TREES growing money in any street abroad. In fact to live abroad is HARD WORK with so much pains and self deprivations. You must be mentally prepared for it if you so decide to pack up and leave.

Some years back, a close friend of mine called me after his NYSC and told me his intention to leave the country and he has saved up to 900k. Two other friends made the same move almost the same period but thank God these are friends who listen and had trust on my judgement and little foolish advise I gave them. Today, two of them are happily married with kids and one having a better life in FCT Abuja. Third person is still in d country and not doing bad. Friends should be able to share truth among themselves. A friendship without truth is ruining. ice blue colored items to wear for the maid of the bride

I'm using diz privilege to appeal to many doing diz evil to our brothers to please STOP. What's not good for you is not good enough for others. Your own brother could be the next victim to another evil doers. Our country image and integrity is also on the line here. Think before you act.

Him that has ears let him hear now!

No Time To Tell Time
The only Spice
Let's STOP trading ourselves for money!

Note: Senate president post on d ongoing Africans slave trade in Libya below.