long and white pieces to wear

One expects the darkness that comes at the end of daylight but no one expects the darkness that hides in someones heart that brings them to a church to kill fellow humans. We are living in dark days in our nation for sure. We see acts that one would not expect done by some that are called stars in Hollywood. The football players who keel believing they been wronged that make millions, then we have the Las Vegas shootings, now the ones in Texas shot. The human heart can hide a long and white pieces to wear ... nd hold a lot of hate/ evil in the darkness of a human body. We need to find a way to expose it before it does the evil acts we are seeing almost daily. Our elected have lied to us, stolen funds, laughed at the Constitution and citizens seem to care less. The days of eat, drink and be merry is now common way for many, in place of humble yourself and pray that God will have mercy and heal our land.

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