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Skin Care in Winter Season.
The change in weather effects Skin very much. Specially in winter when the weather is Cold and Dry the moister inside your skin is decomposes very quickly and hence the skin exposed much more to the Bacteria and Germs. mature ladies wedding apparels in tea length
The Skin becomes Dull, Dark and loses its original Colour.
Ways to Protect your Skin in Winter Season.
1) Try to apply Sun Screen on your face because in winter season the skin become very sensitive.
2) Don,t take too much shower of Hot water because it effect the outer layer of skin and damage it.
3) Regularly wash your skin with a good quality Cleanser it will keep your skin Fresh and Healthy.
4) Apply skin moisturizer on your face and other sensitive parts of your body.
5) Apply lip Balm or Lip Oil when you want to go out side the home so it will not let your lips to dry...........For more Info..visit
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