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I really need your advice and that of your followers. I am a lady 28 years old and my boyfriend is 33. We are in a long distance relationship, we see like once or twice in a month. So, we communicate through phone calls, chats and video calls(rarely). When we started he will call me and tell me to come online so we chat but now he will even be online without chatting me up, even when I do chat him up, the chat will be so dry. Sometimes, he will tell me he wants to go to bed but will still be online in messenger without knowing I do check him over there because we chat only in WhatsApp. Sometimes, he will not call me for a whole day till in the evening or in the night(note, his work gives him time). Most times, I'm the one that gets to call him during the day. I have asked him before but he claims he is busy. Busy, but he will be online chatting with other people. He takes things for granted...even when i tell him that i'm not feeling fine or anybody in my family, he will not remember to ask again till i bring it up again. I know that nobody is perfect and we all endure one thing or the other in our relationships but i dont think "care" should be overlooked. I'm not the type that tell people about my relationship or seek advice from them because not everyone is happy that you're even in that relationship. Please,could this be a sign that I'm neglecting, will he change or is it normal? pageant celebrity garments for girls