plus size boho wedding dress

Stay far away from this company, they have terrible service and don't deliver the product that is expected and ordered.

Here's is the full details!

So as a bride you want your big day to run as smoothly as possible! So you find a company that can make you bridesmaids dress to order so that you don't have to worry!

We placed the order 3 October 2017 for a wedding on the 28 December. The order form was awful and didn't give you the option to specify all the options available for the dress. So my sister followed it up with an email to confirm the order and the necklines, we had confirmation back that the order was received and that they knew about the neckline. We at this point paid in full (I wish I never had)

When they arrived late on the 11 December the neckline was completely wrong, the sash pictured with the dress was not there and every single dress was too long (not knee length but an awkward mid calf length.) We called the company on the 12th and were told someone would call us back. They finally did on the 13th (Wednesday) to which my sister explained the error. The lady on the phone had no idea about what customer service is all about and told us that 'it was an honest mistake'. While we don't think they purposely tried to mess up my wedding, this was still an issue. So this lady said that we can courier the dresses back to JBH from Cape Town, and they can fix them and send them back. Now that sounds nice right, but she finished the sentence by saying they close for business on Friday the 15th. So we send the dresses (which it took them 8 weeks to make in the first place) back via courier (this takes 1 day and then they will make new dresses in one day and send them back before they close??? On asking this lady if that was realistic she said actually no it wasn't. My sister said that if they can make new ones and send them, once we have them we will send back the dresses we have, cause with 2 weeks until the wedding we weren't going to end up with NO dresses for the day! The lady said that this wasn't possible. We then asked her about the sashes, and she told us that they were not included in the price of the dress and were an extra that had to be ordered, when asked where this was stated on the website or order form she couldn't tell us. And then after the complaint was made they changed their website to reflect this.... which really doesn't help us! So she said they will send the sashes via courier to make up for getting the neckline wrong.... I think they should have sent the sashes regardless as they were pictured in every display of the dress we ordered and nowhere did it state that they were an extra cost!!!! plus size boho wedding dress

So they post the sashes on the Wednesday for deliver on Friday! We wait in for the delivery, only to be told that the driver has run out of time and won't be delivering today, but will come on Monday instead. On Monday we are waiting, the courier company are trying to get hold of the driver all morning. Finally later that afternoon we find out that the driver has been hijacked! Now luckily the driver was not injured but unlucky for me the sashes are gone! And Gelique is now CLOSED for the season!!!

So like any bride (who hates her bridesmaids dress) I am feeling a bit stressed now, so I find a dressmaker and she takes us to get material and she makes us sashes and alters the neckline and hems. At this point I finally see the final dress with sash on the 27 December and my wedding is the next day. The dresses weren't prefect but they were 100x better than they had been when Gelique delivered them! But the privilege of getting them fixed cost around R1000 for the 5 dresses which wasn't in the budget.

We then received an email in the new year (after the wedding) asking if we would like the sashes sent as they heard the truck got hijacked. By this point we had lost all patience. So we emailed a formal complaint back on the 8 Jan to explain everything above and ask them to help rectify the situation and asked what action they would take to put the situation right. My sister advised that we did want to review the company online but wanted to wait until the issue was resolved before we did this (to give a fair review).

The response we received back from Angelique du Toit (Director) on the 12 Jan was disgraceful and shows how far this company has to go if they want to improve their customer service!
She basically told us that we got what we paid for and that they had said they would alter the dresses but we declined. The courier company has nothing to do with her, so she cant be held responsible. She then continue to told us that we need to not threaten to negatively slander their name to get money out of them!!!!!!! (Bearing in mind we are only telling the TRUTH and we have the right to give a review it is not slander)

So my sister responded to this email, explaining that the changes the website after the fact is not helpful, the solution to return the dresses was unrealistic with the time scales and they said that on the phone to us in December. Being a business means that if something goes wrong with you or a supplier you use, that you should pick up the expense NOT the customer! And lastly explained what the word 'slander' meant and that we are allowed to tell customers the truth of the matter so that they can make an imformed decision about using Gelique for their special day.

We are 5 days on from that now and have no response from Angelique. I am truly disgusted by the service and the way they treat us. But mostly I am upset that I had to spend the 2 weeks leading up to my wedding in a complete panic trying to resolve an issue that shouldn't have happened in the first place! And that after all the mistakes and paying R6140 for 5 dresses, they cant find it in themselves to refund me the R1000 I had to spend to rectify their errors.

I would advise anyone that chooses to use this company to order for delivery with at least 6 weeks before the event you are using them for so that you can rectify any issues with plenty of time. Or too just not order from them at all and rather get what you ordered and good service from another provider!

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