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Let’s talk about Norway! About 100,000 of the five million people who now live in Norway come from places like Morocco, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and other nations where the population is not Caucasian. Are they the Norwegians that are sought after by the White House?
Generally, when people move to a new country and seek to become citizens there, it is because they expect at least what was positive in their homeland PLUS the benefits offered by the new country. Let’s compare what Norwegian citizens and those from the EU and EEA who have lived and worked in Norway for at least a year, can count on from the Norwegian government:
1) Abortion-on-Demand up to 12 weeks into the pregnancy. For the next 12 week period, abortion requires a permit which is granted for reasons of the mother’s mental or physical health or “social” reasons which may include the inability to support, maintain and care for a (another) child.
2) A complete and comprehensive social services program which includes government paid-for public health services for ALL and a wide array of funded programs that support maternity AND paternity leave for parents.
Logic would dictate that if Norwegians accepted the offer to immigrate to the US and become citizens, they would be the loudest voices supporting the Democratic Platform for social services support and growth and not be the conservative-minded backers of Republican Party issues.
One of the things one learns especially from travel is that language people speak, the style of their houses and clothing, the color of their skin are not the tools ones needs to use to determine their ideology, their level of intelligence or their creativity quotient. Clearly, the word “Norway,” for some, conjures up an image of bland white bread with a level of intelligence and education that would be of value to the US. I think that an infusion of what I know to be strong-willed, feisty people with a strong social conscience and the ability to truly think logically and without the imposition of religious beliefs infused into social issue decisions such as would happen with a wave of Norwegians headed into the US would result in strong voices joining in to support the Democratic Party. Norway’s governmental programs, interest in ecology, conservation of earth’s resources, having simple things like clean air and clean water and food that is not genetically altered as well as internalized systems that focus on government services that protect and care for all of its citizens while doing its best to focus on the human investment in controlling global warming have educated Norway's population to CARE: about each other and about the planet! With Norway’s second largest city in the Arctic Circle, Bodo, where 47,000 Norwegians live, do you think those Republicans and Conservative who think Climate Change/Global Warming is a HOAX, ask the Norwegians who live there! plus size formal dresses
The reality is, most regrettably, that the US is dreadfully out of step with the rest of the world! Far too many have to give up far too much to bring their talent and their families to reside here! It is ironic that our Executive Branch is unaware of what it means to be a Norwegian in terms of mind-set and features and benefits of living in their homeland. We’d have to make a much stronger case for what we could do for the Norwegian to get them to consider why they should consider such a move. Surely, just adding more white faces to our ethnic grid cannot be a supportable reason to pave the way for Scandinavian immigration and an analysis of what a wave of migration from that region would do for the Republican Party would probably be a reason for withdrawing the invitation. One has to applaud the people of Norway for caring about one another and recognizing the value of uplifting one another wherever possible.

One last thought: People in Northern Ireland, while connected by land mass to the Republic of Ireland, are, indeed, part of the UK. There are many opportunities just within an hour's drive or 2 hours to Dublin for people who live in Northern Ireland to move to the Republic of Ireland for better and more jobs. They rarely do that! And the reason is that by being part of the UK their health care services are all taken care of. The move to the Republic would cost the individual, on average, about $4500 to $5000 in US dollars equivalent currency. So even if they get a better job, they are giving the increase in wages away in health care costs. This scenario applies to attracting talented people to come to the US and grow our country into more than it is currently. It's unfortunate that the color of skin has such impact on so many decisions in the US. It's an awful thing to confront but blind people have such an advantage in judging character in others as their conclusions are based on words and actions and not on how the person before them is dressed, bejeweled or what the color of their skin is!