red prom dress

K? As I went to my bruddahs and as I went in and out and I went back in and say where Dixie? He tole me the story of wat happened and how she crossed while they were in his garage and he was working on restoring his vehicle among vehicles. She wanted some food and he knew to get some as she can barely move but she will prance like wen hungry. He say hold on then noticed she had a dead mouse in her mouth and he had poison out and told her drop that and she did. She had been ready for long time but still is sad... he say ok I go get your food, wen he came back she was lying down and he took the bowl in front her nose she cocked her head so she twisted her neck all around backwards and looked at him and then went to sleep. She was a huge dog and I felt his pain as he now screamed at me ...if you would've taken bam and I say I offered and Yu say no yur gf get mad so shhhh as he ran out in the road to the mail box before him and got hit. So Bo then Bam now Dixie and as one tole me it happens in three's Doesn't help wen Yu Kno how they fell and just wish it would've happened a little easier. Plus your heart not ova last loss. I told him I won't have no hair left as I tried to laugh instead of choke up. He say wat about the girls and I say I not allowed to speak of them anymore or celebrate their day and think of this year and the age they be and wat they be doing. It's been taken from me even though I add them and Bo and jinxsta, elyjah to my smoke every time I burn; AS no one can get in my head and take from me aye He say Tt.... I say no is his wish as of their last birthday, so I only post or spend day writing in head or on paper as I reminisce. Can always think in head wat they be doing this year don't have to speak of it but mebe sometimes I share on FB. Which they have their own trials so don't need mines, but makes me feel in some sort of way I'm celebrating their short lived life. He walked to his bedroom and came back wit some feathers for me of red hawk and owl and a beeyutiful dreamcatcher wit gem in it and say Merry Xmas sis ( I love his makings no matter wat it is, is special as he made it) as I was headed out his gf came in and we spoke for bit and then I left. red prom dress
Sometimes.... Dont yu feel Yu think to much
Sometimes... Don't Yu feel if Yu had done wat Yu felt in yur gut it might have counted
Sometimes... Don't Yu wander how Yu nevah eva cried no matter how much torture Yu recieved and now Yu can't seem to turn the faucet off
Sometimes.... Don't yu think I a godt person and I have turned ugly in my travels and is this why all being taken
Sometimes .. Don't Yu think as no one gets it; all things happen for reason and is trial to go threw to prepare for wat coming
Sometimes... Don't Yu wander why a person choose to see Yu in one light wen Yu kno Yu came from theirs as Yu share yur light as Yu one
Sometimes... Don't Yu wander how Yu can carry love for all but another can't carry love for any but owns
Sometimes... Don't Yu just get tired and wish everyone just wake up brown
Sometimes .. Don't Yu just get tired

Have a wonderful day filled with the love I send you on a eagles wings to carry yu as far as your innermost desires will lead Yu. Hopefully to learn as Yu look past those that can't be offered hand they to wrapped up in self righteousness. But always try. Always give something of self unselfishly to another no matter how small seem to Yu, to them could be life changing...
I love YOU, each of YOU and YOU are much appreciated from my lips to Great Mysteries ears... May yur day be filled with kindness, love, laughter and life...
Life wit a spark in it... Before someday can't light that light no more...XO