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How to reduce hair fall

nowadays, hair fall is a common problem.. man and women both are faced this fall has increased due to environment pollution, smoking cigarette, unhealthy diet, pregnancy, lack of sleep and also depends on lack of nutrition foods. naturally, hair has fallen 50 to 100 strends everyday.. but excessive hair fall makes us depressed. that's why, we should take some tips to reduce hair fall.. red prom dresses 2019

1. Eat a healthy diet: healthy diet is a effective way to reduce hair fall. protien,vitamin and minerals are kept a good health as well as essential for hair. that's why, you can eat good foods such as eggs, fish, meat, chicken and many others nutrition foods where has vitamin A,B,C,E, zinc, iron, copper and's help you to reduce hair fall so much..

2. oil scalp massage and essential oil: oil is essential to reduce hair fall as well as it will growth your hair. you can find out a effective oil. custer oil, coconut oil and olive oil and so on.put on a shower cap and you can use oil for an hour.after shampoo your hair. hair will be thinner and strong before then. keep up hail oil massage. you get a result once week..

3. remove your bad habits, keep peace : smoking cigarette, drinking alcohol are increased hair has fallen due to tension most of the, you have to remove your bad habit and try to keep peace.otherwise, you can't stop hair fall.

4.drink lot of water: water has stayed hydrated.its a crucial tissue to is also reduce hair fall and it is simple and natural method. at least, you can drink 8glass per day..

5. onion juice and aloe vera: onion joice is also reduce hair fall and growth hair.. you can apply it scalp for 15 minutes. then shampoo your can use it twice a week..aloe vero is effective to growth and reduce hair fall.

thank you Razib Ahmed sir..