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This morning I feel like I figured out something important about books like Divergent. In Divergent, communities are created through identifying an ineffable quality of character (courage, for example). I think this idea appeals because it defies our current understanding of identity as defined by race, gender, class. In case it hasn't already been made clear, I loathe this paradigm of understanding ourselves and our world. I took this online quiz on a pretty smart political ... website a couple of years ago called, "Are you represented in congress?" I figured it would be on political questions (your opinion on the environment, for example) but instead it was your age, race, gender, class and other surface markers. Perhaps stupidly, I was shocked. There are plenty of straight white women my age and income level with whom I wildly disagree politically. I don't care if my elected representative is white, black, Asian, Hispanic, male, female, straight, gay, from money or poverty, PhD or self-educated. I want someone who is smart, competent, and ethical, has an eye on the bigger picture, is capable of intelligent compromise while maintaining their integrity. I first ran into identity politics when I got to college. Stupidly, I thought it was a dumb academic trend that would die out in 20 years. Instead, it has taken over everything. And, like anything made of splinters, it keeps splintering, into smaller and smaller pieces. "I identify as ____." <--- fill in a million qualifiers here. I understand that we all have a story and that these aspects of identity are a part of that story. It's a part of what makes us who we are. A part. And that's the key. Two people can have all the same identity politic markers and be completely different individuals. What makes them different? The answers to that question are the answers that matter. I want Americans to identify as intelligent, loyal, and brave. I want us to ask difficult questions and be willing to embrace complexity in our answers. Identity politics is small. It represents small questions and can only provide small answers. It is also a tool of division that is used as such by those who benefit from division. Identity politics remind me of the giant crayons for toddlers. I'd like to us to get back to the ink pens used by adults. short curvy styled brides like to wear of the wedding

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