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The U.S. is broke, both monetarily and ethically. Numerous areas in the U.S. don't even have clean water to drink these days, as our OLD crumbling infrastructure is not being replaced...we are told there isn't enough money for that, just as we are told there isn't enough money for other issues vital to life.

If you are an average American citizen and don't belong in the club of the rich...well it seems the corrupt "elites" among us would be happy if you just died, as they hav ... e no need for you when they can import labor from other countries willing to work for slave wages. They have no concern that you or your family members served in the military to fight their wars , or that your tax dollars are being drained to support their agenda which is destroying your lives and livelihoods. So what would you call that sort of behavior? Look up the definition of the word Sociopath and see if you believe it fits.

As an American citizen I can tell you I am disgusted and appalled at the way non-rich Americans are being treated. We are being discriminated against simply for being Americans these days...on our own soil no less.

Quite frankly, it feels to me like non-rich Americans are being exterminated....Americans of ALL races.

Furthermore, I'm sick an tired of the argument of we are a country of immigrants, because although true, that does not mean we should throw our existing immigrants under the bus to make room for new ones...which is exactly what certain people are proposing we do, as we continue to send jobs to other countries while at the same time FLOODING the U.S. with illegals, NON-immigrant visa workers, legal immigrants and refugees to compete for the DIMINISHING jobs and resources's simply unsustainable. silver colored items to wear of the evening

As a white woman married to a man of Hispanic/white ancestry I'm also tired of being called a racist for worrying about my survival and the survival of other Americans of all races...this has nothing to do with race for me, and I certainly have never benefited from any "white privilege" either. End of rant.

Law firm teaches corporations how to AVOID HIRING QUALIFIED INTERESTED AMERICAN CITIZENS. <--Our government looked into this and said it was perfectly legal even though it clearly is not....the lawyer in the video has heavy ties with government btw.

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