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A cheap gal is not the gal that accept proposal the first day.
Who is cheap gal......
1. A cheap gal is any gal who is living in a man's house and the man has not paid your bride price.
2.A cheap gal is any gal who is already having sex with a common boyfriend and she does not known where the relationship is heading too no marriage plans ,no weeding hope ,but she is having sex with the guy because of the money she is getting from it..
3.A. Cheap gal is any gal that sends her nude pics to her boyfriend in the name of love .
4. A cheap gal is any gal who has done more or two abortion and she is still doing more
5.A cheap gal is any gal who dresses half naked in the name of fashion ,exposing her bobs and other erotic parts of her body in the streets or post such as Facebook ,WhatsApp and receives 10k likes and 500 comment that you are beautiful and you say thanks spaghetti evening gowns
6.A cheap gal is any gal who has an affair with married men even after knowing it having sex with him abort pregnancy ,receives money cause havoc in the man's married ...
7.A cheap gal is any gal who reads this post and get angry and will refuse to comment