stylish wedding selections with colors

I wanted to say a massive congratulations to my friend and mentor Emily Luciano for some BIG achievements this last week... Amongst a promotion and achieving her highest weekly pay to date, our team has just been recognised for being *premiere* which only 50 odd teams get recognition for out of some 350,000 AND the team are in the top 1% of our company, which is HUGE!

Emily decided a couple of years ago that she was passionate about helping others with their health, fitness and lifestyle and she wanted to make coaching her full time job. Some people like to coach around their existing job, because they love what they do AND want to help others whilst creating additional income for things like holidays, cars or to pay off debts... Others, like Emily, see an opportunity to make it their everyday business. It just shows that if you love and want something bad enough and consistently work and follow your heart, you CAN do it! stylish wedding selections with colors

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right!

Really proud and grateful to be part of this community of wonderful people helping others feel and be their best! Here's to many more celebrations in the future!!!!!!!! ? ? ? ?