suitable items to wear of the masquerade

Every month about 1/4-1/5 the cost of the original treatment cost....we try and do a full mouth case for a patient who needs it but can not afford it.

The patient presents with severe wear in lower arch and moderate wear in upper arch. Has sensitivity to cold. She was unable to eat properly. Used only her back to eat as front teeth were short and sensitive. suitable items to wear of the masquerade
If untreated and let.her be like this..we are looking at a lot of root canal treatments in future...which will increase her cost of treatment and pain...

This way we always have a case to work on.
Can give back to the people in the tiniest way possible.

Such patients usually come from daily wage section, spend a lot on travelling to the clinic...and still pay the amount we ask for on time.

Dedicated to all such Dentists who wish to give back in some good way....