wedding wears suitable for a tall bride

Many Islamic countries are patriarchal societies, and place higher value on a male child than a female child, particularly in the south east Asian countries the news of the birth of a girl is either a source of abuse from the in laws, or saddening news this has nothing to do with Islam rather the idea a male child is more important to carry on the family name is a cultural phenomenon, however there is a saying of the Prophet (PBUH) "A woman who gives birth to a girl as her first child is a woman who has Allah's blessings."
There are many more hadiths that enforce the good fortune of those who have girls, saying even that raising a pious girl ensures a place in heaven for the parents.
It isn't news that for generations female babies were killed at birth or more recently with the technologies available if the fetus is a female fetus the mother is often pressured into getting late term abortions. Lately I've even heard of procedures to ensure you get the baby you want called gender selection, I am all for the advancement of science but if the majority of you choose to have male children, who will ensure your family line by bringing your children's children into the world. I mean even the Prophet (PBUH)'s bloodline exists not because he had a son but through a daughter Fatima tul Zahra (AS). Many Muslims brag that their's is the last Prophet(SAW) that Allah Subhanawatallah sent and the Quran is the final book revealed from Allah to man to teach them right from wrong, and the examples of our so beloved Prophet that we are supposed to follow then why have we strayed so far from those examples? wedding wears suitable for a tall bride