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Stop Clicking!
You may see ads like this from time to time. They are ads designed to sway opinion and to get you to click through because you "care" about the information they claim to be "sharing".
An ad is created that features an image that is headline news, something people are talking about.
The website creating the ad has their own agenda.

Most often, it is NOT to deliver RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY news.
Before you click, check the source.

Do you recognize the website? If you do not, don't click.
Or if you still really want to know more, take a minute and do a basic search- Who is the website registered to?

In this case I found the website is registered to a company/ person in China. So I asked, what would a company in China know about the inner workings of the British Royal family? (Nothing- absolutely nothing.) white colored and high low styled items to wear

As I looked on the registration information, I saw a "company" name and then did a simple google search of that name.

It turns out that the registrant of the website is an actress and model in China. She is looking to increase her own online ranking.

She bought an ad and then purported to share information that is currently in the news- all to get you to click because you "care" or are curious about the information.

You likely don't know this actress. You likely have never heard of her. You likely don't "care" about her or her career.

Her "popularity" will be increased not because of her work, but because she employs sleazy tactics to gain website clicks. And we remain duped by fake news.

Apply this scenario to any topic and you can see how manipulative this practice is.

But if you don't click- if you STOP Clicking, the problem also stops. Tired of Fake News? STOP Clicking!